“I had a very good childhood, a good upbringing and I did well in school. After graduating from college I got involved in the restaurant and nightclub industry. This led to recreational drug use and casual drinking. Eventually this became an everyday habit. This habit carried me down a very dark and dangerous path. The drug abuse and drinking were the symptoms of a much deeper rooted problem which was pride, lust, shame, guilt and anger. Upon making my way to Savannah MBTC I began to take an honest look at myself. I’m very happy to be here because I’m learning how to be a loving son and a trustworthy friend and most importantly I have found a purpose for my life.”

“When I was young I was bullied in school so when I was 11 or 12 years old I started experimenting with alcohol. This led to harder drugs in my teenage years. I had a lot of self-esteem issues and experienced a lot of rejection. I thought the drugs and alcohol would help me fit in but it quickly spiraled out of control. I suffered from anxiety and depression and for a long time that’s the way I lived my life. My family staged an intervention and finally convinced me to seek some help. That’s what led me to Savannah MBTC. I have found that I don’t have to live that way anymore and The Lord has given me a new outlook on life.”

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“I was raised in an awesome Christian home with an intact family of five, my dad and mom plus two younger brothers. Despite moving every year, my parents always made sure we were part of a church family and did many Christian activities. By the time I was a teenager; being the new kid, going to a new school, the new circumstances that I faced every year started getting to me. I was constantly trying to fit in. There were other drugs I consumed besides alcohol, but alcohol was my go to drug for relief. I drank when I was socializing with friends and I drank when I was gardening. Alcohol controlled my life. I didn’t want to go so far away from my children and my husband, but I was already away from them every time I put a bottle to my lips. It took a while for me to get here to Savannah Mission Bible Training Center, but I know I am here for my Savior. He sees me for the woman I am. I am done going around the same mountain repeatedly. I do not have to fit in with Jesus; He loves me just the way I am.” -Lisette R. 2020

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