“I got saved back in 2011 when my step-mother passed away but since then I really struggled with fear of failure and the expectation to live a holy life. It was evident to me that I was falling short, even though I had already come to know Jesus Christ and learn what He has done for me. I was still unable to manage my own actions. What I’ve learned here at the mission is: that I don’t have to be afraid to fail, and that God is able to use all things to work together for our good. Here in the mission no one is perfect and you see that when you’re living in close quarters with people. We’ve all got things that we need to work on but God still gives us His peace apart from us doing everything perfectly.”

“For years of my life I’ve spent it in the grips of active addiction. I grew up in church and I knew it wasn’t the right way to live but as a teenager and on into my twenties I just wanted to do what all the other guys were doing and party. It took a toll on my whole life. I became completely enslaved to drugs and alcohol and that lasted for many years. I hurt my family, the people that I loved the most and did things that I never thought I’d do. When I was 40 years old I heard about Savannah MBTC through my family who were affiliated with the ministry. I’m learning that God loves me and he forgives me and I’m trying to find out what my calling is. I’m grateful for my family and the staff here and everyone who’s helped me get to this point.”

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“As a teenager I ran with the wild crowd. I started smoking marijuana at 13 years old and then every other drug came rapidly. When I was 16 years old my boyfriend died from a heroin overdose. That crippled me and I numbed the pain with drugs, not caring about anything or anyone. Right after graduating high school I left that small town for Philadelphia. Over the years I have always had an addiction to some drug. I always thought that is just how my life was going to be and how it would end. Meth was the end of me. It is the drug that finally made me know that I was at the bottom. I knew I needed help and that something had to change. I had a friend who graduated from the mission in New Jersey. He helped me find Savannah MBTC. I walked into the doors four months ago with no religious background, not knowing what or if I believed anything. I broke down with emotions when I realized God loves me and forgives me. I am not a recovering drug addict but a new creation.” -Meg B. 2019

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