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Rev. Bradley W. Wanhala

Our Staff

Our staff have all been through the residential program themselves. They do not receive any salary but work as missionaries giving back their lives to serve the Lord by reaching out to others. Typically we have around ten full counselors on staff along with the directors and a handful of junior counselors. This provides many opportunities for one-on-one counseling and mentoring. The Assistant Executive Directors at each center work directly with the Executive Director to train the staff, oversee the general condition of the buildings and raise the necessary support as well as teach and counsel. Rev. Bradley W. Wanhala is the Assistant Executive Director of Savannah MBTC. Brad came to Savannah from the Michigan Center in 2004 following the call of God to help others as he had been helped. He has been with Mission Teens, Inc. for 17 years total.

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Rev. Stephen R. Schwartz

Rev. Stephen R. Schwartz is the Executive Director of Mission Teens, Inc. He travels the country year-round to each center providing oversight and leadership. Since Jim Bracken the founders passing, the men and women who worked directly with him and caught his vision for helping people have carried on. Jim told us that the ministry would continue as long as we continue to love one another. While Mission Teens has gone on to see many changes and improvements over the past 50 years, the curriculum and format are still the same in all 20 Mission Teens Centers.

Mission Teens, Inc.

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A Life-Changing Ministry

The purpose of Mission Teens Inc. is to witness unto Jesus Christ in the world, in the power of the Holy Spirit, with a particular emphasis on young people but not to the exclusion of anyone. We know that Jesus Christ is the answer to everyone’s needs. We will provide any and all facilities necessary to evangelize, educate and disciple any persons spiritually, physically, vocationally and psychologically as the Holy Spirit of God leads and directs. We reserve the right to engage in any business we feel led to enter into to further the purpose of this mission. This organization is to be non-profit, supported by God, through people as He works individually in their hearts, primarily purposed in proclaiming Jesus Christ, to whom be all glory and honor. Drafted in 1969, this mission statement has provided the framework to lead people nation-wide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and gain freedom from addiction.

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