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Should you or someone you know need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our drug and alcohol treatment center in Savannah Georgia. Pick up the phone and ask to speak with our center’s overseer to begin the application process. We treat each person in our center as a member of the family. Junior staff members and higher-ranking residents teach the younger residents. Senior staff and directors handle the major problems and decisions. Each one is expected to do his or her part to make the family run as smoothly as possible. There are 5½ hours of Bible study per day and the training amounts to approximately one year of Bible school. There is a comprehensive study of the New Testament and a general survey of the Old Testament. The person who is seeking admission should call and speak to the overseer for an interview over the phone. If you are local to us, you may be asked to come in for an interview.

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Who can apply?

Adults (ages 18 and up) can apply to our drug and alcohol treatment center. Admission is on a bed availability basis. Our center is open to both men and women. All we ask is that the person is willing to seek God for the answers to life’s problems and be willing to follow the schedule of the program. Prospective residents should call and speak to the overseer. A preliminary interview will be done by phone or in person if you are local to us. If a person is under the age of 18 sometimes exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. It is a highly structured program with a rigid daily schedule. Everyone is expected to obey the house rules and follow the schedule. This is not a lock-down facility and a person is free to leave at any time. There is no upper age limit but we do have stairs in our facility that may be a problem for people with mobility issues.

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Once you’ve called

We do require some initial blood tests and a pregnancy test for women before accepting a person. Also, the incoming resident will be required to have a return ticket or the equivalent. It is important to know that the program is highly structured and if a person is incapable of adhering to the program rules and guidelines they will not be permitted to stay. The return ticket is used if we must ask a person to leave. Any serious health or legal problems should be taken care of before coming into the center. Only emergency medical care will be sought for the person while in the training program and any medical expenses are the responsibility of the resident. Typically only non-addictive, non-narcotic medications will be permitted at any center. You should plan on bringing about a weeks worth of clothing and any preferred toiletries.

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